Scripts In Development

Chubby Chasers

A “By The Book” accountant and a “ne’er do well” con man get forced by the mob to create a "can't miss", business failure to launder dirty cash. They create a topless nightclub with Plus-Sized Dancers, certain that no one will show up. Unfortunately, “Chubby Chasers” (men who like plus-sized women) discover the bar and turn their sure-fire failure into a gold mine. Our heroes can’t launder any dirty cash and the consequences could be fatal.

Clown Freaks

After this court-ordered mission trip, these 18-year-old, juvenile offenders are free, but their van breaks down at a remote Clown College. Not coincidence! These clowns are meth dealing, serial killers determined to extract final justice.

Curve Ball

Bland accountant and his sexy wife’s marriage has hit the rocks so bad she gives him a week at the Marlins Fantasy baseball camp to get him out of the house. Big Surprise... when he comes home, he has a Major League Contract!

Red Tail Squadron

Congress finally agrees to allow Black fighter pilots to deploy in World War II. They had "The Right Stuff" and become one of the fiercest and most feared squadrons of fighter planes the Luftwaffe has ever faced.

Bottom Feeders

The perfect scam. An imperfect hero... A down-on-his-luck, ex-detective is faced with unraveling the "perfect" faked death, life insurance fraud. Betrayal, deceit, and double crosses from everyone he trusts nearly cost him his life. When it's all over, it's unclear who is worse - the scammers or the insurance company he works for.

Killer App

Your smart phone turns sinister! First you get a text. Then a Killer App!... Then you're dead! Who is sending the Killer App? Is it the troubled new kid? Or a killer out for revenge no one suspects?

Rip Tide

On a steamy tropical Island, a handsome salvage diver gets trapped between two beautiful women, a murderous gangster, and the police when everyone wants the one thing only he can find. Muscle boats and automatic weapons compete with violence, murder, seduction, and betrayal for the battle to get the prize.

Dying For It

A gorgeous actress escapes to a tropical resort to evade a threatening stalker and regain her mental health, but the sexy resort may become an inescapable trap when the deadly stalker appears. Her possessive fan has become a fanatic!

Forget Me Not

While having an affair on a Tropical Island, Robert falls off a motorbike and gets amnesia. The other woman, Lianne, decides to rebuild his memory and recreate his life as her husband. To erase his past, she befriends Joe's wife, Paula, and his two kids so she can kill them. But when Joe starts to recover his old memory, the plan unravels. The "other" woman becomes a deadly predator and everyone must die.